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How to Take The Next Step From Landlord to Real Estate Investor

If you are currently a residential single-family investor you'll enjoy the advantages of diversifying your portfolio to Multifamily investing. Download the Ebook "The simple guide to passive multifamily investing" to learn more.

How to Choose The Right Location In Real Estate Investing

If you are starting in real estate investing and don't know how to choose the best market to invest in, this video is for you. I am taking this as you want to choose somewhere within the United States, the main things we need to figure out is the state, cities, and submarkets you want to invest in. Once you find that "landlord friendly" state you can start searching.


In this video, I will go in-depth in what markets I enjoy and what are the best landlord friendly states. Thanks for watching!

Why Is a Cap Rate Important To a Real Estate Investor

What is a Cap Rate and why is it essential to a real estate investor? We know it can be confusing to understand the complexity of these terms. In this video, I show the simplest way you can understand what a Cap Rate is, when is it used and how to formulate it. Making sure you know what a cap rate is crucial to see if you are paying a fair value for a property you are interested in.


Let me know if this video helps and as always shoot us a message if you have any questions!